Telecom Business Solutions Inc. Our main feature is the cabling and security for home and business. Cabling is the back bone for you communication network whether it be telephone or computer networking. Most people never think about the wiring and cables that enable their business to function. At Telecom Business Solutions Inc., our goal is to provide our customers with excellent, reliable and quality service. For the following:  Access control systems, control access to sensitive areas.

  • Data Cabling/Jacks for Computer Networking. (Category 5, 5e and 6 FT6)
  • Voice Cabling/Jacks for Telephone System. (Category 3, 5 FT6)
  • Telephone Systems Installation/Program or Moved
  • Phone System or Extensions re-location
  • Security Camera Installations for protections and Peace of mind.
  • Paging and speaker installations for office or warehouse.
  • Certified cabling, labeling, and Documentation.
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